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Who Am I?

Welcome to my blog, I am pleased that you have found it.

My name is Emma Badger (used to be Emma Hayes until April 2016 when I married someone I know, you’ll hear about him later) prior to the brainwave of creating a blog, Ollie and I had visited quite a few places together (isn’t that always the way)!

Please see the Travel Recommendations page, if you want any more information of certain places, I can try my best to help you.

I hope that you enjoy reading the tales from our travels and that it inspires you to travel the world yourself because, in my opinion, a life without travelling isn’t much of a life at all.

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Emma Badger
Emma BadgerCreator of Where's That To?
As I write this, I am 23 years old (born in 1992) and I am from Bristol, UK. I currently work in a body shop fixing and painting cars, but I see this as a means to raise money to go travelling, rather than my ultimate dream.

Some of my highlights

The first big holiday I was ever taken on, was when I visited Zambia in 2002. Prior to that, family holidays were the usual Sandy Bay or caravan in Bournemouth kind of deal. My Grandmother taught mathematics in a small village in Zambia called Mapanza. My Mum and Dad had booked a holiday for them, myself and my brother to visit Grandma. This is the first holiday that I have clear memories of, perhaps because I had reached an age to understand what was happening, but I’d like to think that it’s because I really appreciated it (Well, as much as a 10 year old can anyway).

My most vivid memory, among many others more vague, was when we visited Victoria Falls. You can see from the photographs how happy I was and I have to admit that I was rather chuffed that I had visited somewhere that nobody else in the class had, but I remember looking in awe and thinking about how amazing the planet which we lived on really was. I am almost certain that this is where my love for travel came from.

If I could sum myself up in one word, it would be – “Wanderlust”. Wanderlust, is basically a strong desire to travel and explore the world. I am terrible, because I will be looking at somewhere else to go, before I have even considered packing for my next holiday.

In the first few years of our relationship, Ollie and I travelled a lot. Perhaps, 3 or 4 times a year. Whilst the time we spent in the places was short, I was sure to make the most of the time that we had there. As soon as we booked a flight, I would be all over trip advisor like a rash, to find out what we should do when we arrived. By the time I had looked at Lonely Planet and then googled things off the beaten track, an itinerary was absolutely necessary.

Whilst I like the idea of finding hidden gems along the way on your own, I was always worried that we would find something out after we had come back and wished that we had done it. My outlook is that if you go somewhere and make the most of it, you can go somewhere else next time.

As a serial planner, I find looking for things to do almost as exciting as actually doing them. I would spend many hours on my laptop, exploring every inch of a city or town virtually, leaving no stone unturned. Tickets for attractions would be booked, train and tram times would be printed out and we would end up with a step by step, day by day itinerary.

On our first city break, to Gerona (Spain) , I hadn’t started planning the ‘Hitler Holiday’s’ as my brother calls them and after the first day and a half, we found ourselves not sure what to do. I vowed from that day on, to always plan in advance and make the most of our time abroad and I must say it has worked out very well ever since. We have many fond memories and are also able to give recommendations and advice to friends, and friends of friends, who are going somewhere that we have been.

So, when we got married, we ended up having a travel themed wedding. We hadn’t planned on it being themed, because it sometimes ends up being tacky, but as a wedding is a celebration of a couple, it seemed right to base it on our travels together.

My favourite item at the wedding for guest interaction was a massive trunk which we asked people to write their travel suggestions in. While we had a vague idea of where we would like to go, we valued people’s real life experiences in certain areas, hotels or activities. The suggestions we were given served as a great contribution to our plan to go around the world and you will see more appearing on the blog as we begin to travel the globe as a newly wedded couple.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Favourite Work Is Featured Below.