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How do I sum myself up in a few words? Bristolian cider drinker, almost obsessive planner and constantly fuelled with a strong diagnosis of 'wanderlust'.

Costa Rica – A Different City Will Never Feel The Same

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We travelled to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Ollie and I needed to access the cash machine after spending all of our money on cocktails, but after reaching the capital and seeing some 'chavs' arguing (apparently, chavs have travelled the globe and aren't limited to the UK as I had originally thought!)

Costa Rica – We Are Going On A Wildlife Hunt and We’re Not Scared

By |2016-12-07T10:59:28+00:00November 13th, 2016|Wildlife|

At Pachira Lodge, we were taken on a two-hour tour to view the wildlife in the area. We climbed aboard a small boat and made our way through the water way meandering whilst surrounded by massive trees and climbing vines. The sounds of animals rung through the air, but they were very hard to spot!

10 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Bucket List

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I visited Costa Rica in April 2016 for two weeks and had the most wonderful time! We did a group tour for the first week, which took us from Guanacaste to the Caribbean coast, doing lots in between! I recommend Costa Rica to everybody and anybody I speak to about travel – it is easily