Costa Rica – A Maternal Moment

On our final stop before the final week in one hotel, we had stopped at a place for lunch. Jonathan had mentioned that there was a possibility of a sighting of frogs, among other animals. Of course, I was excited about that so rushed through my food so that I could take photos. We headed out to the garden area and Jonathan took us on a little walk through some trees. We didn’t see any frogs, but it was nowhere near any water, I’m not a wildlife expert but I wouldn’t have expected to see a frog by a tree in a car park. We were however, fortunate enough to see a sloth like we hadn’t seen before. In prior sightings of sloths, they were so high up that you could barely distinguish a hairy back, from the leaves in the canopy.

To our utter amazement, we found ourselves encountering something apparently very rare. We could see a three-toed sloth moving her way down the canopy towards the ground. At first lots of us were looking to take a great shot until perhaps, and I speak for myself, that I realised that although the photo will last forever, the moment wouldn’t. I left the lens around my neck and followed every step and breath that sloth did and she made her way down to ground level. She was meters away from us and as if it couldn’t get any better, her body spun around and we soon noticed a tiny little brown baby clinging on to their mother.

I picked up the camera once again, as I honestly almost cried. It was so, so beautiful. We had all assumed that we had seen sloths in the best way and here we were with a mother bringing herself and her little baby down the tree (for a poo-poo) meters away from us. She was a lot faster than I was expecting, sloths only come down the tree once a week for a poo so can’t blame her for wanting to be fast. She took full control, absolutely owning every tree and vine she climbed down as her little baby clung on to her.

We didn’t stay long enough to see where she went when they reached the ground, but I hope that she had a good poo-poo, because she certainly deserved it.

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