Costa Rica – Bennett’s Luck Strikes Again

Anybody who knows my family, would have heard of a little thing called ‘Bennett’s luck’, it’s a light hearted way of referring to the unusual, unanticipated and sometimes down right weird things that happen to the Bennetts.

The Bennetts, are my mother’s side of the family. This tradition of  usually bad, all be it sometimes funny luck which my Mother often finds herself in, has been passed down to me; so I guess that now it’s only right to refer to it as ‘Badger’s luck’.

I don’t know why these things happen, perhaps it is just us, but it seems that we always find ourselves in tricky situations when the people who are around us seem to  breeze through them with ease. Naturally, when we arrived on our honeymoon, Ollie and I were expecting the usual dose of Bennett’s/Badger’s luck.

We arrived at the first hotel (Hacienda Guachipelin) on the tour and surprisingly, maybe luckily for us, we were at the front of the queue when our tour guide announced that they had a limited amount of rooms with double beds and then asked who wanted one of those rooms.

Ollie and I put our hands up, like little children in a primary school, hoping to be one of the chosen few to be selected for one of those few double bed rooms. When the lady who worked at the hotel passed us the key for our room,  we weren’t sure where we were going to end up.

We went to find where we were spending the night, and it turned out that we had the best room in the hotel! It was a beautiful wooden lodge and we were on the second floor, we had to climb a spiral staircase to our room, it had a big double bed, with our towels folded neatly on the soft duvet. The room was spacious and the air conditioning was on, which is always good in a clammy climate like Costa Rica.

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I was desperate to use the toilet after the long journey; but Ollie beat me to the bathroom, so  I dumped my bags down and ran out of the door armed with my camera as I heard a little kerfuffle going on outside. Believe it or not, there were some cowboys rounding up the cows from the ranch that was below our room, and they were lassoing them in the car park (as you do). I was snapping away, and Ollie came out to see what I was doing. The lodge door closed behind him, the key was still inside, and alas, Bennett’s luck strikes again. Perhaps this honeymoon wouldn’t be as smoothly running as we had been led to believe.

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Ollie went to try and find someone who could let us back into our room and I waited in the hammock on our balcony, wondering how we had managed to cock up within minutes of arriving. About ten minutes later, my husband and a lovely lady who worked at the lodge came up the stairs and she opened the door. I banned Ollie from being in charge of the room keys (although it didn’t last long as I don’t like to deal with that kind of responsibility).

We got changed and freshened up before going for a walk around the grounds of the lodge. After walking for a few minutes, we found ourselves looking for the bar, as of course is tradition, we headed down to the watering hole after taking a few snaps of the swimming pool area.

Unsurprisingly, we found some more members of our tour there; we are British after all. We ordered a vodka with lemonade and discussed how we should probably make our way over to the group.  Ollie and I stood at the bar awkwardly for a few moments, before deciding that it would be best to go over to the group and strike up some sort of conversation. It was a little daunting as most people has been there for a while and have already introduced themselves, but we were made comfortable and slotted into the group as we made small talk.

It seems unusual to go on a honeymoon and spend the first week in a group of 30 people, but we hadn’t even thought about that when we booked it. We meet Nick and Jasmine, a couple from Wales, Rachel and Swanny, from Loughborough and Adrian and Ath, from York (well Ath is originally from Spain, but now lives in York with her husband, Adrian)

Much to Ollie’s (and my) delight, we discovered that Adrian is a magician. That’s a good way to break the ice and also a sure way to get into Ollie’s good books, as he loves a bit of magic.

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