Costa Rica – Flying Fish and A Devil Ray

We spent the next few days around the hotel. There was food and alcohol 24/7 so we couldn’t really complain, despite the sporadic bouts of ‘Delhi belly’. We had got speaking to Swanny and had mentioned that some of the group wanted to go on a sea fishing trip. He asked us if we wanted to join and Ollie and I, being completely uninterested in fishing said probably not. But after a discussion, we had decided we would go, when in Rome and all that. They had found the sea fishing trips to be extortionate, so Ollie and I went on a quest to make the trip happen.

We found a company associated with the hotel, who gave fishing trips at a much lower price. We reported back to the group and it seemed that most people had changed their minds on going sea fishing. Ollie and I scanned the other trips on offer and decided that we would do a two-hour jet ski tour.

We were booked in at 9am on the Saturday and I woke up feeling absolutely awful, to put it bluntly, I couldn’t go on a jet ski as it was too far from a toilet. Ollie, bless him, went to the hotel doctor to get me some medication and to ask the jet ski company if we could change it to the Sunday. At this point, I was alone in the hotel room, watching Mall Cop in Spanish and couldn’t care less whether we lost the money we had spent on the jet skiing trip.  Luckily, they were kind enough to say we could do it the next day and so we spent the day lounging around the hotel and trying to muster up enough energy for the next day.

Tomorrow came and I felt a lot better. We left for our jet skiing tour and waited on the beach for the other people who were on the group to arrive; except they didn’t. It ended up that Ollie and I were the only ones who wanted to do jet skiing that day.

I sat behind Ollie as he revved the engine of the jet ski, and away we sped, following the guide to the local beaches. On the third or fourth beach, he told us we could get off and go for a swim. We didn’t swim, but we paddled. After a few minutes, we noticed little fish swimming around our feet in the clear, warm water. After we embarked upon our jet ski once again, we asked the guide what fish we had seen, he looked at us and said ‘Oh, that was probably the puffer fish’, Ollie and I looked at one another in horror, wondering why this mad man has suggested we get into water with poisonous fish and didn’t dare dip our feet in the water again.

We made our way around the edge of Guanacaste, with the wind blowing in our hair as Ollie kept looking back at me telling me how fast the jet ski was going. The guide knew we wanted to see dolphins and so, took, us on the 8-mile journey back to, and then past the hotel to where dolphins were usually spotted.

We searched for a little while and then spotted, one, then two fins breaking through the horizon. We chased the dolphins and one did a spectacular display, jumping out of the water and twisting in a 360, before they landed. Ollie and I looked on in amazement and the tour guide looked to us and said “Your wedding present; just for you, from me.”

Not content with just one sighting, we pressed on to try and see them again. We spotted something else on the horizon. This wasn’t a dolphin though, it was a ‘devil ray’ leaping out of the water and flapping, almost like a bird, until it went into the ocean and leapt up again.

We headed back to toward the hotel and Ollie, perhaps a little cocky after his two hours training on a jet ski, thought he was Lewis Hamilton, warming his tyres up and started zig zagging his way to the shore. He looked over his shoulder and asked if I thought he should do this the whole way back, I pointed out that he was the one who didn’t want to swim in the sea and he quickly calmed down and as he made our way back to shore.

Upon our return, we spoke to another man who worked for the jet ski company and told him what we had seen and he informed us that in all of his years in Costa Rica, he had never seen the Devil Ray and that we were extremely lucky.

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