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My Travel Recommendations

Here you can find a selection of my favourite places to visit from my travels.

If you would like some more information then please send me an email through my contact page.

Hospital in the RockThis place is fascinating – during the world war (1944-45) and in the 1956 revolution, this hospital treated Hungarian civilians and soldiers. Guided tours are available every hour during opening times, you aren’t allowed to walk around the museum on your own due to its layout.
Cave ChurchThis is a very unique church, situated inside Gellért Hill in a natural cave system. Not everybody’s cup of tea to visit a church on holiday, but this one is worth seeing. There is an audio guide, but we found this was a little too much information and didn’t listen to it all.
Labyrinth of Buda CastleWe chose to do the ‘Labyrinth with lanterns’ tour in the evening. You don’t have a guide and make your way through the labyrinth on your own, which is rather eerie! There are some very dated mannequins down there, which were rather odd, but the labyrinth itself is great.
Queen – Studio ExperienceThis is an absolute must see for any Queen fan! It is situated inside the casino, which confused us a bit when looking on our map. There are tons of pieces of Queen memorabilia, from costumes to hand written lyrics. It is free but there is an option to leave a donation to a HIV charity.
Ninja RestaurantThe perfect example of a themed restaurant, it is very easy to find. They have great food and ‘art’ dishes; I would recommend those for more of the WOW factor. Great entertainment from the ninjas and you’ll definitely have fun if you go here.
Jekyll and Hyde ClubAnother themed restaurant, this time based on Jekyll and Hyde. There is a small live show, great food and fabulous cocktails. Not far from Time Square and I would recommend a visit, if you’re in the area.
Ellen’s Stardust DinerI have mixed feelings about Ellen’s. To be honest, the food wasn’t the best, but the entertainment was AMAZING! The waiters and waitresses are aiming to, or are working on Broadway and burst into singing whilst delivering your food. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, even though the food was not fantastic.
58 Tour EiffelWe had a lovely meal here. The restaurant is situated halfway up the Eiffel Tower. The food was sensational and presented so beautifully. It isn’t cheap, but is well worth the money, especially for a special occasion.
Medieval TavernFantastic night out. We had slight trouble finding this place, it is on the main road but has a small front door so is easy to pass. Dinner includes a three course meal and drinks, with entertainment. I don’t want to say too much but there was a great atmosphere and it felt like you were in another era when you were in there.
Museum of AlchemyProper little gem here. Again, I don’t want to say too much but there was a flood in Prague and a road collapsed and an alchemy lab was unearthed.
Nuclear Bunker TourThis was a very good and well informed tour. You will be told about Prague during the world war and also have the rare opportunity to visit an underground nuclear bunker.
Miniature MuseumThe smallest museum I have ever been to. Hard to find, it is in the castle ground but you may need to ask for directions to find it (or message me). You’ll find pieces of art the size of your thumb, or etchings on a grain of rice here.
Multimedia MuseumIn the heart of Rome, not far from the Roman Forums. The museum is situated over some ruins and uses clever technology to show you what it would have looked like and how things would have been in years before.
Museum of Film and CinemaA cute little museum celebrating film and cinema over the years. Some special exhibits showing you how the camera was created and little bits and pieces like original mickey mouse drawings.
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